Full Dentures

At the Berkshire Dental Laboratory we provide a wide range of denture services for clients in Reading and the Berkshire area.

Whether you require new dentures, which are full or partial dentures we take great pride in our attention to detail in creating the perfect dentures for your unique requirements. We can provide both acrylic and chrome dentures. Chrome dentures are more lightweight and don’t feel bulky in your mouth. Other benefits include an easy-to-clean surface and increased palate sensitivity

With over 30 years of experience and as qualified Clinical Dental Technicians we provide the highest quality dentures.

We provide a denture repair service and are always happy to give the latest advice on denture care. In order to keep a great smile your dentures need occasional maintenance. As you get older, so do your gums, which can change according to the shape of your dentures. The Berkshire Dental Laboratory offers both hard and soft relining, as well as rebasing for maximum mouth comfort.

Our protective mouth guards are custom made for both children and adults to protect your smile from injury.

We work closely with Dr Prashant Patel at Beech Lane Dental Care and can recommend Prash and his team wholeheartedly.

To find out more about our range of services contact BDL on 0118 979 7555 or enquiries@berkshiredental.co.uk.