Full Dentures

Teeth can be lost in a variety of ways. Periodontal disease and decay are factors in tooth loss, as are various accidents, injuries and trauma. New full dentures and partial dentures are both available in Berkshire. Our partial dentures are individually prepared to be discrete and blend in with your own teeth, so no-one will be able to tell the difference. Berkshire Dental Laboratory’s highly trained team of professionals are on hand to provide you with perfect-fitting dentures to keep your smile shining.

Enigma logoIn order to offer you the best natural looking teeth possible we have chosen to make dentures using the Queen’s Award winning Enigma Cosmetic Teeth & Denture System, produced by the renowned company, Schottlander.

The videos below show patients sharing their experiences.

A World of Difference Patients Programme Part 1 of 2

A World of Difference Patients Programme Part 2 of 2

For further information please read our leaflet Understanding your new Dentures and read our article on Making Dentures.

Chrome Dentures

Standard dentures are made of acrylic, but we also offer chrome dentures as an alternative. Chrome dentures are more lightweight and don’t feel bulky in your mouth. Other benefits include an easy-to-clean surface and increased palate sensitivity – so you’ll never miss out on a flavoursome meal. Speak to us to review whether chrome dentures are for you.

How will I know when I need new dentures?

Over time our facial features change which makes the fit of the denture change and it can become uncomfortable or unnatural looking.

Dentures are used every day so they get worn. This is particularly noticeable on the back teeth as they become flat and smooth.

As a rule of thumb if your dentures are over 8 years old it could be time to consider a new set.

Most denture wearers require a reline every 2-3 years as the fit deteriorates. Relining means the fitted surface of the denture is resurfaced.
It is always better to get a new set before the old set becomes completely worn and unwearable as you then have a good spare.

If you are in any doubt about the condition of your dentures pop in and see us and we can review them for you in just a couple of minutes. Contact us on 0118 979 7555 or enquiries@berkshiredental.co.uk

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