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Time For New Dentures?

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New Dentures

Did you know that dentures have a life expectancy of about 3 to 8 years?

After a while dentures stop fitting so well and become difficult to wear. Over time the teeth wear down and make it harder to chew and, in the case of partial dentures, they could put extra strain in the existing teeth. Gum resorption occurs; gum resorption is a constant process that happens in the mouth after natural teeth are removed.

The bone that surrounds the teeth is specialized bone and once teeth are removed it has no purpose so the body says ‘what is this useless bone doing there?’ and gradually over a period of time re absorbs it into the body. This is why the ridges where the denture goes get flatter as we get older. Most of the changes happen in the first 3 to 6 months and then it slows down but it never completely stops.

Having an ill-fitting denture can increase the rate at which the ridge flattens as it will put uneven pressure on the ridge. Having dentures that look good and feel good makes such a difference to people’s lives. Have you got a spare pair?

With people’s thoughts turning to holidays as spring arrives knowing what to pack is always difficult, a spare pair of shoes, a spare pair of glasses but what happens if your teeth break when you are away? At Berkshire Dental Laboratory in Reading we are happy to make any adjustments to your old set of teeth so that you have a good spare when you have had a new set made. We are also able to make you a second set at a reduced price.

All our dentures are made in high impact fracture resistant acrylic which is much tougher than standard acrylic used in the construction of NHS dentures. With denture prices starting at £260 it may be cheaper than you think.

To find out more about our range of services contact BDL on 0118 979 7555 or enquiries@berkshiredental.co.uk.

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