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Are Your Dentures Going on Holiday?

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Partial Dentures in Reading

When you go on holiday I bet you’ll take a spare pair of shoes, but what about your dentures? Imagine not having your teeth whilst you are away – it would definitely ruin your break, not to mention your photos!

Here are a few things you can do to give your dentures a safe trip:

  • Take a good pot to put them in if you take your teeth out at night, it can be very easy in unfamiliar surroundings to knock them to the floor and you wouldn’t want to tread on them.
  • Clean your teeth over a towel or a basin full of water so if you drop them the fall will be cushioned.
  • Beware of the dog! You might be somewhere where there is a dog, dogs love dentures, and they see them as a crunchy toy. Keep your teeth out of the way in a good pot with a fastening lid.
  • A failsafe, of course, is to have a spare pair. If you have an old set we could revamp them by relining, adding a tooth or getting them repaired.
  • Finally, if something does happen make sure your phrase book has got ‘denture repair’ or ‘dental laboratory’ in it. You could also do a quick internet search to see if there is a laboratory where you are going.

We have been making dentures for over 30 years. Come and see us for a chat before you go away.

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