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New Dentures – The Mirror Test

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New Dentures

What is a good set of new dentures? A set of quality dentures should not fall out or drop when talking and you should be able to go out to lunch and not have to worry if your teeth will break or be unable to eat a variety of food. Basically you should have confidence in your teeth.

Your dentures also should not look like false teeth. Go to the mirror now and smile. What do you see? If you have partial dentures the false teeth should match the colour and shape of your natural teeth. Look at your own teeth I bet they are not all the same colour so why have dentures that are? At The Berkshire Dental Laboratory we make partial dentures using different colour teeth that blend in with your own so it is not obvious you have dentures.

With a full set of dentures it is more difficult to get the size and position of the teeth as there are no teeth to match up to, the width of the nose can give us a good idea of the width of the six anterior teeth and the shape of the face can also help us with the tooth mould choice we use.

A good set of dentures will still look good with your mouth closed; by this I mean they will support your face in its natural position.

Your Dentures need Attention

      1. When they become loose.
      2. When teeth or denture base discolours.
      3. When tooth surfaces become flat.
      4. When denture base does not fit around natural teeth (in partial dentures).
      5. When you develop deep lines around your mouth.
      6. When your chin sticks out, and the corners of your lips are constantly wet, developing sores.


How to take care of your dentures

      1. Clean your dentures daily with a denture brush and denture cream. Washing up liquid is also good and white vinegar/water mix 50/50 soak for half an hour can soften tartar build up making it easier to brush off.
      2. Have your dentures inspected every two years, if there not fitting as they did, a re-line may be required.
      3. Have a new set made every 5 years if possible.
      4. Keep a spare set for emergencies.
      5. Remember, dentures do not have to hurt and do not need to be uncomfortable.

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