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Protective Mouthguards for Sport

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Sports Mouth Guards in Reading

We are encouraged to participate in sports to keep fit and healthy however unfortunately now and again we are injured. The damage to your mouth can be minimalised by wearing a good protective mouthguard or gum shield which can be custom made to your unique mouth shape. A blow to the face could result in a black eye or a swollen lip which will heal, but if you break a tooth it will not repair itself and you could end up needing lengthy and expensive treatment.

If you or your children play any physical sport there could be a risk of damage to the teeth and gums. Protective mouthguards are like the crash helmets of teeth and custom made mouthguards are worn in contact sports such as:

  • Boxing
  • Rugby
  • Hockey
  • Lacrosse
  • Martial Arts

But it is not just the contact sports where a protective mouthguard is of value. Cricket, squash or show jumping could cause serious injury, a cricket ball in the face, a knock against a jump or a racket in the mouth could all cause serious trauma. In fact non-contact sports can cause more damage to the teeth than any blow from a boxing glove.

It is important to wear a custom made mouthguard if you have a fixed brace as a blow could cause cuts and ulcerations to the inside of the mouth where it comes into contact with the attachments bonded to the teeth.

Sports mouthguards are very accurate fitting as they are individually custom made by being moulded to casts of the player’s teeth, so that they fit securely. The secure fit means they don’t move and will not restrict breathing or speaking. They can also be made in a wide range of colours or combination of stripes, including the Union Jack, saltire, Stars and Stripes, St George Cross, harlequin and even tartan!

A bad mouthguard may come out of the mouth during play and make it less easy to breathe and speak. The ‘boil and bite’ guards are often like this because they are not custom made to the individuals mouth in the same way.

How you feel affects the way you play. Many players report that wearing a mouth guard helps their mental performance, a firm fit and bright colours make them feel good during a game; and the boost to confidence caused by better face protection gives them that vital aggressive edge.

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